Photo of Chris Hardie

I'm an entrepreneur, Internet technology expert and blogger who believes in the power of online tools to build and sustain communities. I have 16+ years experience in small business management and leadership, designing and developing web applications and consulting on related solutions. I work on and with a variety of media projects, sustainability movements, and community building organizations. You can view my resume.

Other past and present interests and hobbies include magic performance and juggling, flying small aircraft, radio DJing and podcast hosting, journalism, travel, Perl programming, video production, politics, mediation and conflict resolution, customer service best practices, organic gardening, conference facilitation and organizing, public speaking and people watching.

I write in the blog on this site about these topics and more; you can read my signature blog posts.

I'm available to speak about a variety of technical and cultural topics to audiences of all sizes. If you’d like me to speak to your group, organization or business, please get in touch.


In the interest of full disclosure and to promote the organizations and projects with which I'm involved, I'm posting this list of my personal and professional affiliations: