Let's see, how am I doing on my target of blogging three times per week in 2010?  FAIL.  Actually, January and February were pretty good, but March has been sorely lacking.  I will for now use the excuse of "I was busy" and throw in some specifics like "I was planning an open house" and "I was writing a new vacation policy for my staff," but I don't expect you to be any more forgiving as a result.  Let's see if I can start to get back on track.

In the meantime, as a distraction, here are some things you might want to click on and check out:

  1. Is it possible that all this political rage is not actually about healthcare?
  2. I enjoyed the documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated," which takes a look at the MPAA's system of assigning maturity ratings to films, and how it affects the production, distribution and success of movies in the U.S.  The themes were that (A) a small group of anonymous and inaccessible people have significant influence in deciding what becomes a part of our culture, (B) anything that depicts the sexual empowerment or fulfillment of women is dangerous or obscene, and (C) anything that isn't 100% pro-military, pro-war is dangerous or obscene.

    I know these themes will be shocking to you, so just take a minute and catch your breath.

  3. There's a new federal policy that says cycling and other forms of non-motorized transportation should be treated as equal to motorized transportation when we plan our cities and streets.  Yay! But apparently, this is going to lead to economic catastrophe.  RUN FOR--er, uh, I mean DRIVE FOR YOUR LIVES!!
  4. Have you tried playing Glenn Beck Bingo?  It's a great party game.
  5. I really hope none of the commenters on my review of Lierre Keith's "The Vegetarian Myth" were among the militant vegans who assaulted her at a recent speaking engagement.  Um, you're doing it wrong.

There now, you almost forgot about my blogging transgressions, didn't you?