Last month I received an anonymous and wide-ranging letter in the mail about the state of affairs in Richmond, Indiana, addressed to "Positive Place Committee, Madame Mayor, Richmond and Wayne County Government Officials, Palladium Item Advisory Board, and Leadership pundits."

I take it that I received it because I'm on the Palladium-Item's community editorial advisory board (though I would much rather reside in the 'leadership pundit' category because it sounds cooler).  The letter was mailed on May 15th, and was sent via USPS to an incorrect version of my office address, but made it to me anyway.

The letter was written from the heart and out of a deep concern for the future of the community, and it was written by someone or a group of people who don't think they necessarily have the voice that they should have in how Richmond's affairs are conducted.

The basic assertion they make is that Richmond is in a really bad place and that an improvement in community leadership is their urgently recommended solution.

I wrestled briefly with whether or not to reproduce the full text of the letter on this blog, but decided against it, in part because it contains some defamatory statements that I don't want to amplify.

That said, I hope that at some point the author(s) of this letter will make themselves available in some form to continue the discussion.  It should be easy enough to open up an anonymous email account somewhere if you really don't want to identify yourself.

Thanks for writing.